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Located in Camrose, Alberta We provide information to Seniors and their support networks in the Central Alberta  Region. 

This website is intended to assist family members of seniors and seniors in accessing information from a variety of sources on programs and services offered.


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How to get assistance with diabetic supplies for low income individuals, families or seniors.

Alberta Seniors Benefit program is an income supplement in addition to federal income sourses including Old Age Security (OAS) and Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) Assistance is based on income and the program provides a monthly benefit to eligible seniors.

Alberta Health Care Coverage for Seniors covers persons 65 years or older and Alberta Blue Cross – Coverage for Seniors covers seniors and their dependents form

Alberta Blue Cross – Coverage for Seniors information on what exactly is covered

Form used to claim for Alberta Blue Cross – Coverage for Seniors those expenses you may have to or have paid in advance

Alberta Special Needs Assistance for those seniors who are low income earners may qualify for assistance with medical, house repairs, appliances, etc.
This information will assist you in figuring out if you qualify for the grant:                                                                                

     Primary/Secondary       Primary Only          No Funding         

Single    $0-$21,800         $21,801-$26,200        over $26,200

Couple   $0-$34,300         $34,301-$42,500        over $42,500                              


Form to complete to apply for Alberta Special Needs Assistance

The Department of Alberta Seniors and Community Supports has a Dental & Optical Assistance plan to help low to moderate income persons 65 or over.

Single Seniors Income under $31,675
Seniors Couples Income under $63,350
Instructions for the Dental and Optical Assistance form

Form for Dental and Optical Assistance

Form for applying for the Education Property Tax Assistance Program

Directory of Seniors Organizations in Alberta (eg. clubs, senior centres, etc.)

Pamphlet on assisting you and your family members with the process of death or dying

Office of the Public Guardian – this information will assist you in decisions regarding guardianship and trusteeship

This information will assist you in the what a personal directive or a living will is (this is used in for medical purposes only)
This is to assist you in making or filling out a personal directive or living will

Information regarding Alberta Aids to Daily Living for those with a severe/chronic illness

Application for premium subsidy for Alberta Aids to Daily Living

Guide to helping caregivers or persons who have survived a brain injury (eg. stroke, accident, aneurysm, etc.)

Direct Deposit forms:

Alberta Seniors Benefit

Canada Pension/Old Age Security

Alberta Seniors Benefit

Involuntary Separation – a circumstance where one person in a married relationship has to move out of the primary residence and one person stays in the primary residence (house and long term care) or each live in separate residence (two separate lodges). Speak to the Social or intake worker within these Lodges, houses and long term care centres, to have them complete this form.


Camrose & District Programs and Services

Camrose Meals-on-Wheels – Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Nutritious meals delivered at noon, prepared by the dietary staff at Rosehaven. Meal consists of soup or salad, main course and dessert. Meals can be ordered up to 7 days/week to suit each client.
Phone: (780) 672-0141

Camrose Meals-on-Wheels Frozen Food Program – Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
This program offers soups, entrees and desserts for pick up. Meals on Wheels frozen menu provides the freedom and flexibility to eat what you want, when you want!
Phone: (780) 672-0141

Bashaw Meals-on-Wheels – Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
A hot nutritious noon meal, delivered 7 days per week by volunteers.
Phone: (780) 372-4074

Good Food Box
Group-buying club that makes it easier and more affordable for members to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.  Members may order monthly.  Membership fee and food box cost.
Phone:  (780) 679- 6803 ask for Selina




Camrose & District Home Support Service - Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Provides experienced personnel to assist individuals and families with homemaking, shopping, meal preparation and emotional support.
Phone:  (780) 672-0141

PHILIPS Lifeline - Seniors or handicapped persons living independently the Lifeline assistance service allows any individual to summon aid at the push of a button.
Phone:  1-800-543-3546

Foot Care 
Florence Bowden


Total Footcare - 7am to 4pm
In-your-own-home appointments for cutting and filing toenails, treatment of ingrown and thick toenails, reduction of calluses and corns, care of rough and/or cracked heels, and foot massage.  Teaching and advice provided in all areas of footcare, including footwear, prevention and self-care.
Phone:  (780) 672-3993

Neighbour Aid Centre - Office hours Monday to Friday 9am to noon
Services vary according to available volunteers and their skills, but can include help with painting, meal planning, money management, transportation, respite care, referrals and more.
Phone:  (780) 679-3220

Food Bank - Tuesday and Thursday 9am to noon (bread available every weekday morning)
Neighbourlink operates the community's Food Bank.
Phone:  (780) 679-3220

Martha's Table (Free Soup & Sandwich) - Tuesday  &  Thursday noon to 1pm
St. Francis Xavier Church 5010 48A Avenue
Phone:  (780) 679-3220
Martha's Table (Free Soup & Sandwich) - Wednesday noon to 1 p.m.
Camrose United Church  4829-50 St.  
Phone: (780) 672-2176
Martha's Table (Free Soup & Sandwich) - Saturday noon to 1 p.m.
Pleasantview Alliance Church 5804 47 Avenue
Phone:  (780) 679-3220

Camrose & District Family Thrift Shop - Monday to Saturday 9:30am to 5pm
Provides used clothing and miscellaneous household items at a reasonable cost.  Supports non-profit organizations and special personal needs.  Each request is dealt with on its own merits.
Phone:  (780) 672-5027

Camrose CDSS   (Camrose and District Support Services. )
Located in East Central Alberta, Camrose and District Support Services (CDSS) is a partnership between the Province of Alberta, the City of Camrose, Camrose County, and the Villages of Bawlf, Bittern Lake, Edberg, Ferintosh, Hay Lakes, New Norway and Rosalind. CDSS provides preventive social programs and services that help people improve their quality of life and enhance their capacity to deal with crisis situations should they arise.  (780) 672- 0141

Help Book - Guide to Human Services and Rural Clubs and Organizations
A list of most frequently needed human services; please contact CDSS if you cannot find a particular service in this guide.  Another project of Camrose & District Support Services (CDSS) made possible with community support.
Phone:  (780) 672-0141

Community Events Listings

For events, social activities, recreation, and educational opportunities in the Battle River Area.


Information and tips on fraud and indentiy theft.


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